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3 thoughts on “ Concertina Medley - Yetties* - Whos A-feard? (Vinyl, LP)

  1. I’d advise Mick Bramich’s book on Irish Concertina (Dave Mallinson publications in Yorkshire), nobody in Ireland seems to have produced a tutor yet. Mary McNamara’s CDs are nice and steady and you could play along gradually Work on cross row playing off the C row with G .
  2. The ICA library is a wonderful collection of music that has been especially written or arranged for the concertina. We believe it to be the biggest private collection of concertina music in the world. While the majority of the library dates from the 19th and early 20th Century, please don’t let this put you off [ ].
  3. Jun 12,  · Borne of a Victorian era mania for tiny machines, concertinas are intricate instruments with several delicate moving parts all designed to enable the production of a musical note by directing air from the bellows through the reeds.. There are innumerable moving parts in any Anglo Concertina and in order for your concertina to operate and play efficiently these parts must function optimally.

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